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Stop stressing about what to wear or buy and fall head over heels for your own closet!

Allow The Closet Concierge to expertly edit your wardrobe and combine your classic pieces into dozens of flattering new outfits. 

Specializing in:

Career Dressing

Post-Maternity Makeovers

Trend Updates

Seasonal Fashions

Spring Cleaning 

How It Works

Your session begins with a personalized shape analysis, critical for determining which styles will suit you. Next, The Closet Concierge explains how to choose garments to accentuate your best features while camouflaging any areas you want to conceal. The Closet Concierge will then create versatile outfits and photograph and organize them so they are right at your fingertips and ready to wear!

More Style Options

From clothing to shoes to jewelry to makeup to closet layout as well as organizational products, The Closet Concierge offers a variety of services to flatter your look, your lifestyle and your wallet! Save time as well as money by turning your closet into your own private boutique, a fashion oasis tailored just to your taste by customizing your session with 

The Closet Concierge!


Wardrobe Editorial Session

You don’t have to buy tons of new clothes to have a new wardrobe. Let The Closet Concierge help you discover countless ensembles just waiting to be worn! The appointment includes: a clothing analysis based on your specific body type, a bra assessment to ensure you are in the correct size, a comprehensive organizational plan, a detailed list of what to buy, alter, donate or consign and photographs of the new outfits.
3 Hour Session:  $250
First-time clients receive $10 off! 

Personal Shopping

Take the guesswork out of buying clothes. Enjoy a shopping excursion with your own personal stylist picking items tailored to your figure, your style and your budget! You arrive at the store where everything is ready and waiting to try on! Perfect for special occasions, keeping up with trends, and finding key pieces to complete your wardrobe.
$75 per hour (2 Hr. Minimum) 

Closet Update

Whether you need help putting together outfits from your existing wardrobe or you would like to do some light editing to ensure your clothes are on trend and flatter your figure, this session will streamline your closet as well as your morning dressing routine. At a savings of almost $40 off, this is ideal for seasonal updates or events. 

1.5 Hour Session:  $99 

(After the first 1.5 hrs, the fee of $75 per hour will apply.  Discount rate not applicable to personal shopping.)


"Now anytime someone comes over, I show them my closet!"

"I'm so excited by my new wardrobe, which is actually my old wardrobe! The Closet Concierge helped me figure out what to keep, what to get rid of, what goes with what and more. So many of my clothes still had the tags on because I never knew how to wear them. Now every time someone comes over, I show them my closet! The Closet Concierge is  absolutely amazing!" 

Linda Perry 

Founder of Peachhead Families 

"The best thing I could have done for myself!"

"My friend told me about The Closet Concierge and I procrastinated for months before contacting her. I'd gained a lot of weight and didn't want to spend money on anything. Then it became a vicious cycle of feeling bad and looking bad. When The Closet Concierge came to my house, she explained why things didn't work then made suggestions of more flattering choices, all of which made complete sense as well as an immediate visible difference. A few weeks later, we met for our first shopping trip. When I opened the dressing room door, I saw pattern, texture and color. Honestly, I was frightened. She asked me to trust her and the minute I stepped into her world of fashion, I looked fabulous. In the end, I didn't just have clothes. I had outfits. I felt like a million bucks! While I haven't lost any weight, I feel good. Working with The Closet Concierge was the best thing I could have done for myself!" 

Nicole S. 

Real Estate Professional

"I have saved hundreds of dollars!"


"The Closet Concierge had gently taken me on a journey out of my comfort zone that has changed the way I see myself and transformed my approach to shopping. I have saved hundreds of dollars by putting back those items I know she would not endorse. As a professional who strives to convey a certain set of values in the office, I feel much better equipped every morning when I get ready for work. She made the process insightful and fun!

Lise L.

CEO of a non-profit company 

"Made such a positive impact!"

"I so enjoyed working with The Closet Concierge! When I told my husband about the service and the cost, he said I could have bought some nice shoes for that money. I told him I still wouldn't know how to wear the shoes. Over the next few days, he saw the difference and was impressed. He's been complimenting my outfits, which he never did before...and it's all the same clothes! I hadn't realized that I was becoming such a homebody. I preferred to be indoors and was always anxious to get back home. I realize now that I was trying to hide. Not anymore! You made such a positive impact on me and my life!" 

Sandy K. 

Stay-at-home mom 

"The Closet Concierge changed my life!"

"The Closet Concierge changed my life! Yes, really! No more endless, aimless hours in the shopping malls. No more wasting money in high-priced retail shops. And no more fighting with my closet every morning. The Closet Concierge helped me dress for my age as well as my profession and helped me look younger, thinner, and more fashionable than ever. She helped me ditch the clothes that made me look old (Is that your mother’s?), overly conservative (Are you a banker?), and out of touch with current trends (Did you wear that at a Renaissance fair?). Did I mention that she has an amazing sense of humor? Plus I've never saved more money than shopping with The Closet Concierge. My only regret is that I’m moving out of Los Angeles. I guess that means I’m flying back for a shopping trip – it’s still a better deal!" 

Marcy G. 

Canadian Consulate 

"This was a huge time saver!"

"After having The Closet Concierge come to my house, I feel like I have a ton to wear. This was a huge time saver! I did the in-home wardrobe session, the personal shopping and the makeup session and I'm loving everything – I mean, everything! She picked terrific, budget-friendly clothes that work perfectly with what I have. I keep going into my closet and staring at my new clothes. The makeup lesson was so great. My husband complimented one of my new outfits more in one day than anything else I've worn in a long time. I'm telling you, I don't even know this new girl, but she is confident and happy thanks to you!

Tracy M.

HR specialist


How you look has a lot to do with how you feel. So let The Closet Concierge help you feel great about yourself as well as your clothes!

Founded by author and entrepreneur 

Brett Ellen Block, The Closet Concierge was created to assist clients in making the most of their bodies, their wardrobes, their budgets and their lives!

Style, organization and savings can seem stressful and out of reach at times. The Closet Concierge can help you achieve all of them!


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